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Hermannstadt vs Sepsi 21.12.2023

acum 13 ore — Among them, Hermannstadt won 2 games (Total Goals 16, PPG 1.2), Sepsi OSK Sfantul Gheorghe won 5 (Total Goals 20, PPG 1.5), and drew 6.

8% chances of winning. A draw isn't likely to take place (31. 6%). Before placing your bet, you may wish to consider the below facts: AFC Hermannstadt's home record this season: 5-4-1. AFC Hermannstadt wins 1st half in 21% of their matches, ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe in 17% of their matches. AFC Hermannstadt wins 21% of halftimes, ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe wins 17%. Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK H2H 21 dec 2023 Head to Head stats predictionWe invite you to check Hermannstadt and Sepsi OSK match statistict (Tab Stats->Match statistics), where you will find out who is the best scorer. Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. You will find what results teams Hermannstadt and Sepsi OSK usually end matches with divided into first and second half. Our site is not limited to only as this. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap. FC Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK LIVE STREAMING FC Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK Watch Live : Watch Live, Match Between ( FC Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK ) Cupa României, ... Moldovan, F. Ștefan, Rondon, Damașcan, Bălașa, J. Rodriguez, D. Oroian, Debeljuh, AlimiAbsenți: I. Gheorghe (suspendat)Antrenor: Bernd Storck Arbitru: Coza Ionuţ (Cernica)Asistenți: Ghinguleac Radu Adrian (Bucureşti), Vodă Alexandru (Alba Iulia)Arbitru VAR: Flueran Viorel Nicusor (Craiova)Arbitru AVAR: Popescu Adrian (Craiova) Avancronica meciului Hermannstadt - Sepsi FC Hermannstadt şi Sepsi OSK s-au mai întâlnit în principala competiție internă de 11 ori, de două ori s-au impus sibienii, de patru ori au câştigat covăsnenii, iar alte cinci jocuri s-au terminat la egalitate. To prevent Marius Maldarasanu's team from scoring, Bernd Storck will probably send Roland Niczuly to protect the goalAkos Kecskes, Denis Ciobotariu and Branislav Ninaj will act as the defensive line who will try to protect the goal. Nicolae Ionuț Paun, Ion Gheorghe, Cosmin Matei, Bogdan Otelita and Roland Varga will try to get the ball to Marius Stefanescu and Pavol Safranko who will try to outmanoeuver the opposing defense. The substitute players will probably consist of Dinu Moldovan, Florin Stefan, Darius Adrian Oroian, Mihai Alexandru Balasa, Jonathan Rodriguez, Sherif Kallaku, Vitalie Damascan, Gabriel Debeljuh and Mario Rondon. The right betting decision There are several key factors to take into consideration when you want to pick out a winner, but the most important thing is to find value in betting selections. AFC Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StatsFans are looking forward to the upcoming matchin the Municipal Sibiu where AFC Hermannstadt will play against ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe on 21. 12. 2023. These two rival teams only met recently, on 27. 09. 2023,, so we should fully expect another action-packed event this time around. Because the match ended in 1-1, it's hard to tell which team is better. Hopefully, after the upcoming match, you'll be able to tell which team outranks the other. Since ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe were the winner of the last 2 out of 3 matches, they're very likely toalso win the upcoming match. Chances for AFC Hermannstadt are rather low. FC Hermannstadt vs. Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe *M = Meciuri; V = Victorii; E = Meciuri terminate cu scor egal; I = Infrangeri;. FC Hermannstadt / Ultimele meciuri ... Currently leading AFC Hermannstadt by two positions, ACS Sepsi OSK (N)will have to show that they're worthy of the lead; which could be a hard task, since AFC Hermannstadt is closely following them on the eighth position. Which eleven will AFC Hermannstadt play against ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe? The following shows a summary of whom the managers will probably put on the field. Fans will be quite interested to learn that the players listed below are likely to feature in the starting eleven of AFC Hermanstadt: • Goalkeeper: Catalin Cabuz • Defenders: Ionut Stoica, Marius Gaman • Midfield: Sota Mino, Alessandro Murgia, Mihai Butean, Alexandru Laurentiu Oroian, Silviu Balaure, Alexandru Daniel Jipa • Forward line: Gabriel Iancu, Ruben Fonseca As for ACS Sepsi OSK (N): They will probably choose the following players to participate in the starting eleven: • Goalkeeper: Roland Niczuly • Defenders: Akos Kecskes, Denis Ciobotariu, Branislav Ninaj • Midfielders: Nicolae Ionuț Paun, Ion Gheorghe, Cosmin Matei, Bogdan Otelita, Roland Varga • Forward line: Marius Stefanescu, Pavol Safranko The confirmed lineups will be available one hour before kickoff on Oddspedia. Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK Sfantul Gheorghe Head to Head Hermannstadt vs Sepsi OSK Sfantul Gheorghe Head to Head. H2H stats and prediction, goals, past matches. AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe Stats Summarize your insights with our detailed review of goals scored/conceded, clean sheets, Both Teams To Score (BTTS), and more from the AFC Hermannstadt vs. Any bet that is projected to pay a higher rate than it should require players to consider a number of things such as direct h2h records, lineups, goal averages, goals and last matches performance. Experts are favoring AFC Hermanstadt for a win, attributing them 39. 6% chances for victory. On the other hand, ACS Sepsi OSK (N) is considered to only have 28. Oroian – Balaure, Murgia, Mino, A. Jipa – Paraschiv, G. IancuRezerve: Muțiu, Medina, Biceanu, Neguț, A. Petre, Bucuroiu, Fonseca, Bejan, Bărbuț Absenți: D. Iancu (accidentat), Baba Alhassan (neconvocat)Antrenor: Marius Măldărășanu Sepsi: Niczuly – Kecskes, Ninaj, D. Ciobotariu – Oteliță, Păun, Kallaku, Varga – Ștefănescu, Safranko, C. MateiRezerve: D. During their last three action-packed matches, ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe scored four goals, while AFC Hermannstadt only managed to accumulate 3. It will be a cold day, with temperatures reaching only 3°C, so the teams will have to watch themselves. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. At least wind shouldn't be a problem, gusts are only expected to reach speeds of 9kmph. pdfPentru persoanele cu dizabilități care au depus deja documentele, este suficient să reconfirme prezența la meci pe adresa de e-mail ticketing@fchermannstadt. ro. Copiii sub 6 ani au intrarea gratuită, dar nu au loc alocat, așa că este recomandat să stea în brațele părinților sau însoțitoruluiIMPORTANT! La această partidă vor fi puse în vânzare bilete pentru elevi și studenți cu reducere de 50% la Peluza Nord a Stadionului Municipal Sibiu. Astfel, la casa de bilete vor fi disponibile bilete pentru elevi și studenți, care se vor elibera în baza carnetului de elev sau student vizat pe anul în curs. Adulții care însoțesc minorii pot achiziționa bilete la prețul de 20 lei lângă minorul însoțit. Although there's no final lineup yet, it is likely that Marius Maldarasanu will put Gabriel Iancu and Ruben Fonseca at the front, followed by Sota Mino, Alessandro Murgia, Mihai Butean, Alexandru Laurentiu Oroian, Silviu Balaure and Alexandru Daniel Jipa in the midfield. The defense might consist of Ionut Stoica and Marius Gaman, while Catalin Cabuz will try to prevent ACS Sepsi OSK (N) of scoring goals. The substitute players will probably be Vlad Mutiu, Paolo Medina, Florin Bejan, Marius Antoche, Cristi Marian Barbut, Ciprian Biceanu, Adrian Petre, Cosmin Bucuroiu and Cristian Daniel Negut. Hermannstadt vs Sepsi Live Score and Live Stream Hermannstadt are playing Sepsi at the Liga 1 of Romania on December 21. The match will kick off 15:00 UTC. ScoreBat is covering Hermannstadt vs Sepsi in ...


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