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The meet caters to Under 7, Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 age categories. Originally, the schools were divided into four (4) zones but this was increased to five(5) as the number of schools increased and on February 18th, 2022 with now consistently over 80 schools within the public and private educational institutions competing, it was changed to eight (8) during its restructuring due to the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The zones are named after eight Icons.

(1} Mr. Obadele Thompson, BSS, OLY,  (2} Ms. Andrea Blackett, BSS, OLY,  {3} Mr. Anton Norris, {4} Ms. Patsy Callender, {5} Mr. James Wedderburn, OLY, {6} Ms. Freida Nicholls, J.P, OLY, {7} Ms. Marcia Trotman, OLY and {8} Mr. Ryan Brathwaite, SCM, OLY.

Traditionally, the events from inception were as follows: 

Under 7 – 50m, Tennis Ball Throw, Standing Broad Jump

Under 9 – 80m, 100m, 150m, 4 x 100m Relay, Cricket Ball Throw, Long Jump

Under 11 - 100m, 200m, *400m, 4 x 100m Relay, Cricket Ball Throw, Long Jump

Under 13 - 100m, 200m, 400m, 4 x 100m Relay, Cricket Ball Throw, Long Jump

Open – 600m girls, 800m Boys, Open Medley, High Jump

*Under 11 400m was changed in 2018 to a 300m 

Open Shot Putt was added to the schedule in 2020


Over the years the athletes have executed many recording breaking performances as the primary mandate of NAPSAC was intended to harness the talent and create equitable opportunities for the growth and development of the sport of track and field in Barbados.


The championships have assisted in the athletic development of many athletes at the national junior level by providing the foundation for the athletes to showcase their abilities. Many athletes have made the transition to track and field competitions such as the Caribbean Union of Teachers’ Biennial Games (C.U.T.) the CARIFTA Games, CAC Games, Pan AM Games and the Olympic Games.

From its humble beginnings, NAPSAC has within the latter phase of its existence implemented much technological advancement such as Fully Electronic Timing and a Photo Finish System to name a few. These advances have ensured accurate results and a database of performances and records. Online viewers around the world have also been able to view the Live Stream of the Zonal stages of competition in addition to the Semis and Finals of the Championship free of cost, which is yet another example of the continued expansion of the NAPSAC.

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National Primary Schools Athletic Championship

Prior to 2001, athletic competitions for the primary schools were organized by the National Sports Council (Milo) and the Barbados Union of Teachers (Frutee). This caused some concern for the Ministry of Education and some parents because the children were away from school for many days participating in the two competitions. 

In 2001 representatives of the Barbados Union of Teachers and the National Sports Council met to discuss the possible merging of their respective track and field meets. After much discussion, on February 11th, 2002, the National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championship (NAPSAC) was officially born.


— Aristotle

NAPSACArtboard 3_2x.png

Althea Belgrave

Athletics has constituted a fundamental cornerstone that has played a pivotal role in shaping my character. Commencing as an athlete and progressing into the realm of coaching within the collegiate system, I have navigated diverse roles, including that of an official, and have undertaken responsibilities as the USATF Hawaii Youth Chair. Through unwavering perseverance and unwavering dedication, I have aspired to provide opportunities and contribute to the development of the youth in various capacities.

My overarching objective is to leverage the platform of sports to enhance physical literacy, fostering opportunities that facilitate the impartation of positive life lessons. In doing so, I aim to contribute meaningfully to the holistic development of individuals through the transformative power of athletic engagement.

NAPSACArtboard 1.png

Assistant Chairman & Immediate Past Chairman

A Physical Educator and Sport administrator for 20 years, I was first the Media Liaison before transitioning to the Executive. I have been the Assistant Championship Director and Championship Director on multiple occasions and the Assistant Chairman before my current role. Along with my work to develop of track and field at the national junior level, I have worked with National Federations, the Barbados Olympic Association and other sporting entities to assist in the holistic development of our youth through sport.

NAPSACArtboard 3.png


NAPSAC is amazing and to see the impact that it has had on the Barbadian Youth. It has reaches across the society, to home in on the gifts and talents of young children, helping then to excel to varying levels of achievements.
Observing a young person push to do Olympic like frats is remarkably awesome. Congratulations to NAPSAC for the persistence to bring the best of this nation’s athletes to the foreground.

NAPSACArtboard 4.png


I have been an employee of the National Sports Council for the past twenty (20) years. I have served as a member of the NAPSAC Organizing Committee since 2009. Hearing and reading the positive congratulatory accolades from individuals and the media after a successful meet gives me a sense of satisfaction.

NAPSACArtboard 2.png


A Chief Official with NAPSAC from 2005 to 2019 working as the Chief of the Check-In and Call-Room Departments. He was elected the Assistant Championship Director of the NAPSAC Organizing Committee from 2020 - 2021, and will be in that role again for 2024. NAPSAC is the future of athletics in Barbados. It is the opportunity for athletes of all schools to showcase their talent to the island and the world.


Jasper Blades NAPSAC


Jasper has been  elected the Championship Director of the NAPSAC Organizing Committee for 2024. Since 2000,

I held the position of a track and field coach with the National Sports Council. Prior to joining the National Sports Council, I participated in track and field for The Lodge School and was a member of the Barbados Defense Force’s track and distance team.

Technical Officer

A sports administrator by profession I currently hold the position of Senior Coach with the National Sports Council.

Participation in sports open doors and create pathways through exceptionally good
performances and outcomes. NAPSAC supports the growth and progression of athletes in all sporting activities. As a member of the Organizing Committee for over ten years,

I am fortunate for the opportunity to assist in the development of the youth in Barbados and beyond.

Herbert Gittens

I have had a keen interest in sports especially at the primary level and have been involved in sports at this level in the BUT Sports and NSC Milo Sports until they were amalgamated in 2002.

I have worked with the NAPSAC Organizing Committee from inception as a Trustee and have assisted in all areas of the organization. This committee has now seen NAPSAC grown into one of the premier sporting events in Barbados.

NAPEXECArtboard 5_1x.png

A sports administrator by profession I currently hold the position of Senior Coach with the National Sports Council. Ascending to this position after over 26 years as a football coach. I worked with NAPSAC from its inception in 2002, I have served as a member of the organizing committee from 2019 to present.


Honorary Member

Retired PE teacher after 38 years in the field. Former Executive Member of the Barbados Union of Teachers having served 21 consecutive years until retirement in May, 2021. Successfully carried a Barbados team to the CUT Games from 2002 to 2018 when the last biennial championship was held.

NAPEXECArtboard 1_1x.png
NAPSACArtboard 5.png

Trustee N.S.C

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